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Valencia home page f1 game 2010

Valencia home page F1 game 2010 !

Here is the F1 game Europe 2010 Valencia home page . The game is free, ugly and fast!

Europe F1 2010 Valencia is the 9th pc game in the F1 series. The Valencia F1 circuit is placed in the harbour. In many ways it’s like a industrial copy of Monaco. In the F1 Valencia 2010 game, just as in the F1 Monaco 2010 game, I had to make a decision whether or not to illustrate all the detailed builings surrounding the circuit. I chose to focus on the track and to use a grey background and grained blue mediterrainan water to make an urban harbour illusion. I put out some charactreristic object such as the bride, stands and the big boats. The track became pretty long with times just under the minute. Tell me how you like the game in ”your opinion” (bar over Valencia home page…).

The music for F1 Game Europe (Valencia) 2010 was an ”old” classic. Since the race took place in the same country as F1 Game Spain (Barcelona) 2010 I simply used the the same song. I never grow tired of listening to the 15/16 spanish trumpet part in the end:). I’m not spanish but I think the music may sound like a Valencia home orchestra playing like crazy….

What happened in the real Valencia home race? Vettel won with Hamilton 2nd and Button 3rd. Most spectacular was of course Webber when he made a high jump in the air when driving into Heiki Kovalainen. The following safety car chaos caused time penalty for 10 drivers for speeding behind the safety car. Is Valencia home for Europe grand prix 2011? In that case I hope we’ll see more action than this year…

This Valencia home page features some nice info about the real Valencia 2010 F1 track (from

”Situated in Valencia’s recently-revamped marina area, the track is 5.473 kilometres in length and boasts top speeds of over 300 km/h – and average speeds of 200 km/h. The layout of the innovative track is challenging too, with 25 turns (11 left and 14 right) to test the drivers to the maximum.

After deciding on a harbour-side location, the circuit’s designers were keen to use the unique area to its full potential and for most of the lap the action rarely leaves the water’s edge. Indeed, at one point the Formula One cars even cross over Valencia’s canal, using a swing bridge which has been specially built between the north and the south marina.

Once on the southern side of the port, the cars pass very near to the edge of the quay. After leaving the historic fish market area, the field leaves the docks through the shipyard gates and heads towards the new suburb of Grao. After briefly following the course of the River Turia, the cars then slow for a tight hairpin and progress down the city’s Avenida de Francia.

After negotiating a series of ‘S’ bends, the field then makes a sharp turn to the left and finally enters the home straight, which is situated back in the port area. The pits and team garages are also located in the former port stalls.

While enjoying all the benefits of a street circuit, the new track has also been designed to meet the same modern safety specifications that apply to permanent circuits. The track is at least 14 metres wide along its entire length and also features appropriate run-off areas throughout.”