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Italian Grand Prix Monza 2010 Soundtrack

Listen to Italian Grand Prix Monza 2010 Soundtrack!

F1 2010 Italian Grand Prix Monza Soundtrack

The music for Italian Grand Prix Monza Game 2010 is as usual specially composed for the game. I started with some baroque sounding ideas with harpsicord and timpani i 6/8 and developed ideas around a simple minor chord progression. To gain som ”heartbeat increase”, I gradually raised the tempo towards the end of the score. As usual I used Sibelius Notation software and used simple General Midi sounds to get the nice corny touch that marries the pixelated graphics so well. It’s possible in Sibelius Notation to use better sounds (Sibelius Essentiel sounds), but I think the game needs a proper graphic facelift before doing that. Perhaps it will sound more authentic in a future Italian Grand Prix Monza 2011 game?