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F1 Bahrain grand prix 2010 – free PC game

Download F1 Bahrain Grand Prix pc game!

Here is the game for F1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2010. Its free, ugly and fast!

F1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2010 was the very first pc game in the F1 series and the first game I made. Therefore it’s not 100% as cool as the newest games, but it’s fun to be able to see the progression. For example can you only chose one car in this game (ferrari-like) and the graphics have been greatly improves since then even though I still (aug 2010) use the same stands and kerb-pictures. I used Game Maker to produce the game Bahrain Grand Prix. It’s perfect for me because I didn’t know any programming at all when I started. By doing this game I learned at least some programming basics which was great fun.If you are really in to this circuit you might notice that some turns in the lower part of the track are inaccurate. To my misfortune the Bahrain grand prix track was changed from the last season – causing this anachronism. Hope you are able to enjoy it anyway!

I used som old jazz ideas for the music of F1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2010 and got a pretty unnerving speedy result. I use Sibelius notation software when I compose. Like to be able to see the whole score and see the notes and things like that.

The real F1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2010 race was not so exciting even though it was the first race this season. Alonso won and Ferrari team mate Felippe Massa took second place. New rules about tyre changes and no refueling made people wonder if this would become an unexciting season. They were wrong…

Some info about the real F1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2010 track (from

”Designed by Hermann Tilke — the architect responsible for the Sepang, Shanghai, Istanbul Park and Valencia GP venues — the new Bahrain Grand Prix Circuit (configured using the inner and outer circuits, and with the addition of the endurance loop for 2010) presents drivers with an exceptional challenge.

The bare statistics: 3.91 miles (6.299km); 23 turns (13 right, 10 left); four straights, the longest of which is 1090m; a change in elevation of 18m; a variation in width from 14m to 22m.

Now the human story behind them: a (maximum) workforce of 3000 expended 8265 million man hours between November 2002 and March 2004 to excavate 968,459m3 of rock, to lay 120,000 tonnes of asphalt in three layers over the track’s 272,648m2 surface (that doesn’t include its 140,000m2 of run-off), to erect 8500 tonnes of steel and pour 70,000m3 of concrete.

Stats (IRL):

Maximum uphill slope: 3.60%
Maximum downhill slope: 5.6%
A relief that ranges from 0 to 18m
Three real possibilities for overtaking
Qualifying lap record (Old Grand Prix Circuit): 1m30.139s – M. Schumacher – Ferrari (2004)
Race Lap record (Old Grand Prix Circuit): 1m30.252s – M. Schumacher – Ferrari (2004)
Lap record speed (Old Grand Prix Circuit): 216.074 kph
Length of longest straight: 1090m (start/finish line)
Track length: 6,299m (3.91 miles)
Turns: 23 (10 left; 13 right)
Straights: 4
Width: 14m up to 22m”