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F1 Istanbul 2010 – free PC game

F1 Istanbul 2010 – Download free game!

Here is the game for F1 Istanbul 2010. Its free, ugly and fast!

F1 Istanbul 2010 Game is the 7th pc game in the F1 series. The F1 Istanbul circuit is one of few counter clockwise tracks in the F1 circus. It begins with tight curves and takes on a long fast G-force turn in the middle and ends with a long fast stretch and some narrow turns again. A really nice track at the border between Europe and Asia. I used a brown background in F1 Game Turkey 2010 to give it the dirty mediterranian look.

The music I made for the F1 Istanbul game has an arabic minor feeling. The rhytm that is played by the MIDI dharbouka (!) also strengthen this feeling. It later changes into o 7/8 timed mystic loop that develops into something that really fits well with F1 Istanbul Game 2010.

What happened in the real F1 Istanbul race? Hamilton won, Button 2nd and Webber 3rd. Schumacher made 4th, the best so far this season. Petrov made surprisingly best lap. The biggest news though was the Red Bull crasch. Vettel tried to get by Webber but totally crasched his own car instead and made Webber 3rd instead of a posible 1st. Those guys…

Some info about the real F1 Istanbul 2010 track (from

”Istanbul Park is a spectacular motor racing facility located just outside the famous Turkish city. Designed by renowned German architect Herman Tilke, the 5.338 kilometre (3.317 mile) circuit celebrated its official opening in August 2005 with the inaugural Turkish Grand Prix.

Since then the track has established itself as a firm favourite with the racing fraternity. Featuring 14 challenging bends and an unusual anti-clockwise layout, it is considered a benchmark test of both driver and car, and the multi-apex Turn Eight has already gone down in Formula One folklore as one of the sport’s toughest corners.

It’s also fast, with two long straights that see the cars reach speeds of over 330 km/h, while its mixture of fast and slow corners means there are plenty of overtaking opportunities. Adding to the circuit’s spectacle are dramatic gradient changes – over the course of a lap, the track’s elevation varies by almost 46 metres.

For spectators too, Istanbul Park’s facilities are incomparable. The track has a seating capacity for more than 130,000 fans, 25,000 of whom can enjoy the action from the track’s main grandstand. There is also parking available for over 12,000 vehicles. Guests of honour are entertained in the two seven-storey VIP towers which dominate the skyline at either end of the paddock. Each tower can accommodate 5,000 people, and both offer excellent views during races – as well as suburb corporate hospitality all year round.

With its state-of-the-art facilities, ground-breaking layout and exotic location, Istanbul Park is one of the world’s most highly-regarded racing circuits – and a must-visit destination for any serious motorsport fan.”