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Montreal Grand prix 2010 – free PC game

Montreal Grand Prix 2010 – download game!

Here’s the game for F1 Montreal Grand Prix 2010. Its free, ugly and fast!

Montreal Grand Prix game 2010 is the 8th pc game in the F1 series. Placed on an island full of trees in Montreal, the Montreal grand prix circuit has long high speed parts combined with both fast and very slow curves. As for doing the game, the surrounding water is a helpful natural track limit.

The music for Montreal Grand Prix game 2010 is a little bit militaristic and grand which reflects this big wide land. It has a ”midified” steel guitar sound that makes astronomic bends!

What happened in the real Montreal Grand Prix? Red Bull seemed to win but it turn out to be a tyre race and Maclaren made a both 1st and 2nd (Hamilton and Button) place and Ferdinand Alonso on 3rd.

Some info about the real Montreal Grand Prix 2010 F1 track (from

”Those who came and keep coming back year after year will tell you: nothing compares with being at the Canadian Grand Prix on Circuit Gilles Villeneuve to experience a morning of free practice or an afternoon of racing. The sensations are real. Sounds that make you quiver, sights that make a lasting impression and memories you will never forget, the Canadian Grand Prix gives you plenty of them. Since more than four decades on Canadian ground and 1978 in Montréal, each year a new and fascinating chapter in the history of Formula 1 and motorsport is written. That’s how a unique sporting event tradition established itself. There is only one way to measure it: being there and experience the Canadian Grand Prix. It’s simply the best!”