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Official F1 games

Codemasters Formula 1 2010

If you are looking for a F1 game in a more modern style you really should try Codemasters official F1 game 2010. It’s their latest F1 game in their F1 series that will be continued this year too. I’ve tried it and it really looks and feels great. You can play ”direct race” or choose to play in career mode which lets you start in one of the bottom field teams (Virgin, HRT, Lotus). As you improve your results, you’ll later be given better upgrades for you car and later on invitations from other teams.

As close to real F1 as you can get – or just arcade?

Codemasters F1 game really take the player on a real good ride. Even on low graphic settings you’ll experience precice modelled vehicles, nice landscapes, an awesome rain simulation and AI that seems to know what they are doing. The AI has the same behaviour as the real licenced drivers. For exmple, Jenson Button drives economically and smooth while Hamilton is more agressive. All these things may seem very serious if you are new to F1 simulators but don’t worry – there’s a hands on arcade mode to that helps you to stay on track. Steering aid and big colored darts assists you in the arcade mode so that you’ll stay on track and keep focus on having fun instead of focusing on managing buttons for hours. So, I think this game is enjoyable both for beginners and F1 simulator nerds. Please check out the video below to see how it looks like. It’s not retro 80’s, but pretty ok ;)